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Cake Decorating



All our classes can be run as private one-on-one classes or in small groups. We will personalise each class especially for you.


Cake Decorating Classes personalised to your requirements. Learn to create ruffles, decorate with buttercream, hand painting, stencilling, lace and more.


$50 per hour for one on one classes and small groups up to 6 people.

Learn to bake simple cakes, cupcakes or desserts. Take home your baking for a yummy treat.


$60 per hour up to 2 people


Master the art of baking Macarons.


Take home what you bake in a flavour of your choice - $65 class runs for approx 1.5 hours max 3 people

Cake Decorating

I'll bake the cake (8" round) and help you decorate, everything provided. Perfect for mums wanting some help with their childs birthday cake or clients wanting to create a cake for someone special. Up to 6 people.


From $150 approx 1.5 hours.

Our students work...

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