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Frequently Asked Questions

How much notice do you need?

As much notice as possible will ensure we can meet your needs, we do regularly book out for weekends well in advance however we will always try to accommodate your requests. 


  • Wedding cakes approx 3 months notice

  • All other cakes minimum 3 weeks notice

  • Cupcake, cookie, dessert or macaron orders minimum 14 days notice for small orders less than 2 doz


Consultations and cake tastings are available for all our bridal customers.

What should I consider when ordering a cake?


I love to be provided free reign when designing a cake and most of our cakes are bespoke designs, but it is always important for me to understand the inspiration behind your design. Is the cake designed to match a colour scheme, what is the theme of your event, what style cake are you after? If you have a photo of something you love for inspiration thats's great and we can work on a design from there whilst still respecting any other cake designers work. 


Other things to consider are the size of your cake, do you want your cake served for dessert or just with tea and coffee?


Most importantly it is best to have a budget in mind, I can work around most budgets and still provide an outstanding cake.


How do I book a cake?


Pick up the phone, send me an email or even send me a note through our Contact page.


To secure your date for a wedding or event booking we require a 50% deposit (non-refundable on cancellation) with the balance due 5 business days PRIOR to your event. No work will commence on a cake until a deposit is PAID. No refunds will be issued for cakes cancelled after 3pm on Wednesdays of the week of your event.


Payment can be made by direct debit, paypal or credit card. Over the phone payments accepted (Visa & MasterCard)

What can I expect at a bridal consultation?

We will provide you a selection of 5 of our favourite cake flavours for tasting. These will be baked fresh and served in a tasting size. The cakes will be served with tea, coffee and water.


We will talk through your wedding and cake ideas and spend as long as needed to design a cake perfect for your special day.



How do you price your cakes?

Pricing for our cakes are composed of the cost of our staff, utilities, rent, ingredients, time taken to bake, fill and cover your cake.

Additional costs are then calculated for any adornments ie flowers, ruffles, cake toppers, hand painting etc.

We of course include an element of profit to ensure we remain in business!

For bridal customers we never charge additionally just because you're getting married...


Use of fresh flowers on our cakes


Whilst most of our cake designs use fresh flowers at our clients preference, we always bring it to the attention of our customers that fresh flowers, unless grown specifically, are not food products.


If you specifically would like to use fresh flowers, we will work with you to achieve this, however we will insist on preparing these and applying them to the cake to ensure this is done in a food safe manner. We will not provide un-decorated cakes for florists or clients to apply their own flowers. Should you wish to use flowers provided by a florist we will need these delivered to our shop prior to your event.


Do you provide a delivery service?


Yes, where available, delivery is highly recommended for any large cakes. We will liaise with your venue to ensure we have a delivery slot and an appropriate place to set up your cake.


We only have a select number of delivery slots on each day, so not all cakes will be available for delivery.


You are also welcome to collect your order and the cakes will be packaged appropriately for transportation, however once collected the responsibility for the cake resides with the client and Art of Baking will not be responsible for any damages following collection.

Where do you deliver to and how much do you charge?


We are located in Sydney and will deliver to Sydney Metro, and within 3 hours of our store.

Delivery fees are calculated on the estimated travel, tolls and time taken to assemble/decorate your cake once we arrive on site.

Does the cake require refrigeration​?


Most of our cakes are happy to be left out of the fridge, and any cake with fondant decorations are best left in a cool place at room temperate and should not be refrigerated as this will create condensation when they are brought back up to room temperature.


If your cake does require refrigeration, we will be sure to inform you of this when you order and also remind you when it's collected or delivered.

What forms of payment do you accept?


We accept cash, direct debit, paypal and credit card (Visa/MasterCard).


Refund Policy

All bridal deposits of 50% are non-refundable within 3 months of your wedding date. We have limited space for wedding cakes and regularly book out for popular dates. Whilst we understand that sometimes things don't go to plan we will have incurred cost in relation to your wedding (ie consults and administration). Additionally we may have turned away bridal couples for that date.

No refunds will be issued for any cakes cancelled after 3pm on Wednesdays of the week of your event.

Sometimes things don't always work out on our end either....we wish we could be perfect...we perhaps misunderstand your requirements or we miss a change along the way, or even cakes are damaged in transit. We will always do our utmost to rectify this situation or refund accordingly. Full refunds will not be provided if the cake is consumed or taken from our premises.




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