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Hire Services


We collect a lot of beautiful pieces each time we do an event and are happy to provide these as hire items for our customers. We don't have a complete photographic catalouge of all our pieces but are happy to provide you photos and package pricing should you require.

Vintage Tableware

We have a large selection of vintage china for hire including:

- English vintage trios

- Dinner plates

- Sugar and cream jugs

- Cake plates

- Crystal servingware

- Vases

- Teapots china and silver

- Cake forks and teaspoons

- Cake knives

- Serving utensils

- Water glasses


We have both vintage and catering style linen available:

- Vintage tablecloths

- Vintage lace tableclothes

- Table runners

- Vintage linnen napkins

- Doilies

- Catering white tablecloths

Cake Stands

Cake stands are something we have in large supply...

- Robert Gordon Stands in various sizes and colours

- Christina Re high tea stands in white and blush

- Various 2 and 3 tier high tea stands

- Wood risers and wood dessert platters

- Tiered display stands

- Wood pallet display stand

- Vintage wooden crates

- Large array of crystal and glass cake stands

- Acrylic cupcake stands

- Macaron stands

Styling items

We quite often generously purchase styling items from our brides after their weddings and therefore have a very large selection of items including:

- vases - bud and large

- vintage wooden crates

- hand made tables

- easy to put together arbor

- candy jars

- various signage eg candy bar, Mr and Mrs, Boy, Girl

- nicknaks of all variety -  owls, bunnies, birdcages, hanging tea light holders

- rose pom poms (not the paper variety)

- candle holders

- wood table risers



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